What to do and what not to do when choosing a translation agency for your company

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Translation is a space full of billions of professionals and teams in the current era of dynamic marketing. However, it is as difficult as finding a needle in this huge haystack when you want someone who truly understands your unique challenges and goals. Most of the players you meet have no differences, no advantages or depth to guide you through the random goals and objectives associated with the transfer.

If translation were a simple exercise to convert a capsule of content written in one language into another language, even machines could do it. In fact, most translation agencies deploy nothing more than an army of machines for processing translations on a conveyor belt. If you need the same treatment become cold impersonal shoulders; No more reading. But if you want translation to bring this strategic element to your business; Pay attention to these small areas of caution.

What you have to do: look for these traits

Look for an agency that has a consistent and consistent team of professional translators with muama enence sofortübersetzer. In essence, this means that you will ultimately not get a cheaper, but incomplete and careless service, when operators who fly at night do their job haphazardly. In addition, simply having bilingual skills in two languages ​​is useless. If, in particular, someone cannot add their own domain to the target language, in particular, the translation process will not add any value as such. Having a strong repository of linguists and evaluators also helps.

This indicates a transfer, but a weapon to localization. Yes, it can be worked out well when the process affects all aspects, whether it is software, manuals, applications, brands or images; Or it may be a specific format, but giving your content a local dimension will essentially make it easily accessible to the target audience.

Translation is a superficial exercise if you do not make the right decision. Now, when I think about it, adaptation to the objective context, culture and nuances of consumption is the ultimate goal of the translation itself. So look for a partner who has a great location experience.

What not to do: avoid these trends

Go only by big names.

Ask for reference cases that can tell you in detail whether the agency has sufficient experience in solving specific tasks that are required in the industry scenario. Having a large amount of translation resources will not help you when you need a specialist with specific industry knowledge to solve the problems and opportunities that you face.

Take the elevator and go through the forest.

Yes, you cannot go on a picnic just because you have chosen a service provider to process the transfer. Your participation, input and cooperation will be desirable from time to time. Setting the right people and processes on your side would greatly help your translation agency achieve the results for which it was proposed.